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PopBookings is a cloud-based software that automates the hiring process for event and promotional staffing companies.


The Challenge

Create a marketplace to allow anyone to hire staff worldwide with reliable payments and a fully scalable platform.

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Web and Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Security & Staff Augmentation


Desktop, Mobile, Cloud

Step 1

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Our team met with PopBookings to define all the requirements to launch the marketplace to their customers. PopBookings had already created the designs by then, so our team employed their expertise to propose and define an enterprise-level platform based on a service-oriented architecture using top-notch technologies such as Xamarin, Angular, and ASP.NET Core.

Step 2
Step 2

Turn Agile

Our team implemented SCRUM to manage the development and software releases so our client could better appreciate the progress and provide them faster results. The goal was to have four months of development with sprints of two weeks.

Step 3


Once launched the first version of the platform, it made sense to create continuity in the team. PopBookings kept the original team that started the MVP and expanded their team with our staff augmentation service. This decision saved them around $30,000 per senior developer.

Results App

Customer Feedback

How was your experience working with talent from Alset?

Overall, Alset was a great asset to our business. They acted as an invaluable extension to our development team for our company.

How much time did you save on the recruitment process?

On average, we were able to fill positions with Alset within weeks, which normally takes months.

How much money did you save working with Alset instead of recruiting the profiles in-house?

We saved around $30,000 per senior developer!

How would you describe the impact that working with Alset had on your company?

The biggest item was being able to trust the bulk of development day-to-day to their team. This allowed our team to focus on more high-level planning for the company.

Were the selected profiles reliable? How was the quality of their work?

The selected profiles did great work! They also were very accurate with their estimates on project timelines and scopes.

Were you comfortable working with the remote contractors?

In this day and age, it's easier than ever to work with teams remotely.

How was the communication between your company and the contractors provided by Alset?

Communication was stellar. We were able to have daily meetings.

Do you consider Alset a great tool for growing companies? Why?

Alset is a great option for startups who need to grow their development teams quickly.

Would you recommend Alset to your colleagues? Why?

I would recommend Alset to my colleagues in the tech space due to their professionalism and overall value as a service.

Erika Klotz

Erika Klotz

CEO - PopBookings