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We are an international team that works 100% remotely. We are passionate about how revolutionary it is to have that freedom. It also attracts more talented, diverse, and exciting people to our growing company!
Alset only seeks clients at the level of our candidates; for this reason, you will only be assigned to projects aligned with our values.

Recruitment Process

Analysis and Diagnosis of the IT area

We listen to the needs of our clients. With this, we conduct a diagnosis to know the company's operation and determine what profile it needs specifically in the IT area.

Job Descriptions and Talent Search

We integrate a line of competencies required for the position based on functions and responsibilities with clear and precise objectives by the previously made diagnosis.

Competency Assessment

We evaluate your logical, behavioral and analytical capacity through psychometric and technical tests that demonstrate your performance in real situations to recruit only the staff that best suits the needs of our clients.

Integration and appointment of Talents

We carry out the appropriate administrative and labor procedures with an induction towards the company that allows a rapid adaptation.

Talent Performance Monitoring and Follow-up

We constantly monitor your employment situation, inviting you to constant technical training in your field to improve your career plan.

About Alset

Our Culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diverse and inclusive teams positively impact our products and services, helping us better serve customers, sales partners, employees, and communities of all backgrounds.

Our leadership principles

Alset employees use the leadership principles daily, whether discussing new projects, coming up with the best solutions for our clients, or interviewing candidates.

Continuous development

We are always concerned about the growth of your skills, which is why at Alset, we individually develop a career plan for all our employees.

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