Mobile Development

Development of mobile applications in Mexico, the best way to connect clients with companies
ALSET is one of the best companies for mobile application development in Mexico. Our certifications provide the best experience for highly scalable applications for the global market. Currently, a person spends up to 8 hours on the Internet, of which 70% are consumed by mobile phones, today the development of mobile applications is an important factor in the interaction of companies with their customers. We use state-of-the-art solutions that provide friendly views and facilitate the use of the App.

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Multiplatform development

We use Xamarin as our principal framework for mobile application development, the use of this technology reduces time on the development and maintenance as well as the ability for shareing code up to 90% between platforms. This will present a significant difference in your costs since you will be paying up to 40 % less than developing for two different platforms with two different languages but without losing control of the native functionality of each device.

Back end development

All our development is robust depending on your needings but yet flexible and easy to maintain, that's the key for the best user experience. Our software architects are certified by the best frameworks such as TOGAF so your software will have the best architecture, coding practices, and structure for faster and better development and scalability that will resume in reductions in build and maintenance costs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the key to any development. We consider it critical in our process to launch a successful product and that's why our engineers will be involved in every step of the development to mitigate any issue that could be present during the development. This process is designed to deliver a product with almost any anomaly to the public.

Security and compliance

We know the importance of your data, lots of companies have lost very precious information due to lack of security processes. We work with industry standards to control any kind of attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Brute Force Attacks among others, our processes will make sure we can mitigate almost any of this attacks.